International students

International students


If you are looking for any help psychologically or in coaching look no further.  I am a fully qualified psychologist and coach, with over 16 years of experience.  In my approach I am very down to earth with concrete advise that will help you to tackle the problems in everyday life.  I always see my client and his or her wishes leading in the therapy, so I listen, adapt and advise without pulling strings. Although cognitive therapy is the leading way to help someone I also use different methods like mindfulness, problem solving techniques, etc.

If you are interested you can contact me any time, preferably by e-mail.

The new way of paying for healthcare explaned:


06-421 955 95


GZ-Psycholoog (BIG 6905.9088.025)
Kinder- jeugdpsycholoog (NIP)
Klinisch- en orthopedagoog

KvK nr: 27348970


Gezondheidscentrum "de Hoed"
Kampveld 10 E

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